Where to Get the Best Indian Food in Hamilton

If I say that India is the ultimate destination fora foodie, as in Indian food you can see a variety of food and dishes for this you need not go to India. You can get the best Indian food in Hamilton.
But before I tell you that where you can get the best Indian food in Hamilton, let me tell you the reason why Indian food is so Special? Why Indian food tastes and smells so good.

So, I’m having a list of some factors that why Indian food is so different and why you should once in a lifetime must eat Indian if you are a real foodie or not.

1.       A large combination of spices
2.       It is a process of slow cooking
3.       Huge variety of ingredients
4.       The patient is the key
5.       Adaption to and Implementation of foreign culture

Interesting Facts about Indian Food

You will always find that most of the Indian food is cooked mainly in the metal utensil. An iron utensil is always recommended for maximum benefits.

Also, you will find that Indian food is made from a wide variety of vegetables, aromatic spices, and lentils. To increase the taste, usually, masala (Spice powder) is used.

In Indian you will find that there is the variation of in every dish, this is because as India is a diverse country and difference is natural as we travel in different parts of India.

So, if you are searching for best Indian food in Hamilton then it will a challenging task for you, as it is very difficult to cover whole India into a single Hamilton.

You will also find one most important thing about Indian food that in Indian food ingredients are used in a particular combination to get maximum medicinal benefits.

India is the 5200-year-old civilization, and Ayurveda plays a very important role in Indian food.

Some ingredients are dominated in a particular region due to its availability. For example, in a cold region, you will find saffron. According to Ayurveda, saffron increases body heat.

Role of Ayurveda in Indian food

If you want to know about Ayurveda and its importance in Indian food then you will find a relation between ‘Panchedriya’ and Indian food.

Panchedriya means five sensory organs i.e. the ears, both the eyes, the nose, your skin, and your tongue. So how Panchedriya relates to food and how are they important.

·         Ears – Your ears first hear when the food is being cooked.
·         Nose – Your nose smells the food from distance.
·         Eyes – Your eyes admire the presentation of food.
·         Skin – Your skin touches the food to examine its texture.
·         Tongue – The tongue understands the real taste of the food.

Thus,Panchedriya plays a vital role while eating Indian food.

Thus, finding the best Indian food in Hamilton is always a challenging task and taking all the measures that are important to take while preparing Indian food is also very important.
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